Film Production

band playing on stage during daytime
band playing on stage during daytime

We are a team of ambitious young creators in the field of filming, screenwriting, and directing. We have decided to add our projects, such as short films and series, to the program of Slovenian films, and our vision and long-term goal is to create feature films. As a diverse and creative team, we follow trends in video production, while being aware that each of us can contribute quality work with our knowledge and experience and leave our own mark on the product. We are committed to producing high-quality video content with a comprehensive approach from conceptual design, script development, and preparation for filming to final editing and post-production.

Bring your production to Slovenia and we'll take care of the rest, including crew, cast, equipment, locations, and accommodations! We might be small, but we think big!

Demo reels of our filmmakers:

Feguš Film

Esplika Film

Set is Fiction

Dom Push